About Me

Development is much more than just coding.

👋 Hi there!
I am Guilherme, but you can call me Gui.

After working for quite a while now, I came to the conclusion that the development world is not limited to algorithms and code. Of course it’s a big part of it, but one shouldn’t neglect all the areas that orbit around it. As in Astronomy, planets are not the only subject we talk about and it shares the spotlight with stars, galaxies, black holes and many others. Development is also about performance, usability, communication, ways of working with others (humans or not) and many more.

That being said, I have decided to write about it. Not that I am the new brazilian Steve Jobs or any guru of a sort. I am a normal guy, like you. I do work with this world, every week, like you probably do as well. I read stuff on the internet about this world, like you also do. Why should you read the articles then?

Well, think about it like a talk over a coffee. I tell you stuff I have read, tested or worked on and you tell me you have already seen that stuff or that it made you think about a similar article. You may as well simply listen, perhaps think about the subject, do your own experiments. Who knows if you are not going to start a blog as well and it will be me reading your articles. Welcome to the knowledge sharing era. This blog is me trying to contribute to the community. Moving from pure consumer to producer status. And if I can unblock someone with my texts, great!

Anyway, if you don’t want to read me anymore, that’s ok. I write mainly to myself. I write to keep my mind going. To review my point of view, analyzing the problem from other dimensions. From me to myself. The discovery of writing changed the game to humanity and it was about time for me to start.